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Without Love
True Vibe
Without Love - True Vibe

1 verse:
If diamonds could buy love, if laughter could buy the stars
If wishes were more than what they are
What I wouldn’t do just to buy the dream I had with you
And give it all up, you know it ain’t much good I can go on pretending
But I know I’d do it all again

'Cause without love I’m no one
Without love what would I do
Without you in my life
Nothing would ever be right
I’d be alone with nowhere to go
Without love
Without love

2 verse:
It felt like you were gone, somehow the dream goes on
Baby, you’re where I belong
Everything’s changed and I know I’ll never be the same
But something’s inside, I feel it tonight (I can’t go on)
Don’t you know I need you (I can’t go on)
What would I do, baby, without you Baby

Baby There’s nowhere to run
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to hide
I know what’s done is done
But we can make it right
I need you in my life (I do, I do, baby I do)


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