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True Vibe
Pray - True Vibe

A E Hm D2  x2

1 verse:
A        A/G#           F#m     D2
Thinking through what to do
       A                                  E
You're searching every angle and point of view
A    A/G#    F#m     D2          
Good advice, well rehearsed
A                          E
Only seems to make matters worse

Pre chorus:
                 D2                              A             E
When you're at a dead end where can you go?
F#m                   E
My friend, there's an answer I know

A              A/G#                               F#m               E
Pray, when the road is steep pray, when you're hope gets weak
D2              A                                          F#m             E
Know the Father hears through rhe silence and the tears you
A              A/G#                                    F#m            E
Pray, when you don't know how pray, heaven's waiting now
    D2       A/C#         E                       A
And Jesus is just a breath away pray

2 verse:
    A       A/G#           F#m    D2
The deepest sighs of the heart
A                         E
Sometimes it's a struggle when we first start
A           A/G#  F#m   D2
To wrap our needs up in words
    A                             E
And trust that somehow we will be heard

Pre chorus:
D2             A            E
Draw near, and know you are loved
D2             A            E
God hears, and his heart is touched

Post chorus:
D2           E               D2                               E
Pray for the strength you're needin' to go on believin'
D2        A/C#                          E
No matter what you face You'll have the wisdom and the grace to...


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