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Open the Gates
Vertical Worship
Open the Gates - Vertical Worship

C D Em G

C  G  D  Em
C  G  D  D

1 verse:  
Our praise awaits you with the dawn
       G                    G/H     C 
Our souls awake to you and lift a song
We've seen the things that you have done
       G                       G/H     C 
And still we know the best is yet to come
 C                G 
There's more to come 

           C                  G          D     Em
Open the gates and let Your glory come down
           C                   G            D
Open our hearts and let our worship pour out 

2 verse: 
Your presence here is all we need
       G                             G/H   C 
You break our chains with sounds of victory
 C                        G 
You're changing everything 

        C          Em 
Come flood this space
No one else could take your place 
      C          Em 
Come have your way
No one else could take your place


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Перевод песни

Русский Откроем врата
Виктория Узунова Vertical Worship

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