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This We Know
Vertical Worship
This We Know - Vertical Worship

         H                                          G#m
You are who say you are  You’ll do what you say you’ll do
             E                                                  F#       H
You’ll be who you’ve always been to us Jesus

          H                               G#m
Our hope is in you alone our strength in your mighty name
          E                                               F#          H
Our peace in the darkest day remains Jesus

         H                               F#  G#m
This we know we will see the enemy run
         E                                         G#m    F#
This we know we will see the victory come
        H                                            F#          G#m
We hold on to every promise you ever made
             E                F#  H
Jesus, you are unfailing

     H                                                    G#m
Our guide through the wilderness our joy in the heaviness
            E                                              F#             H
Our way when it seems there is no way Jesus

    G#m                      E
We trust you we trust you
      H                       F#
Your ways are higher than our own


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