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Praise Yah!
Aviad Cohen
Praise Yah! - Aviad Cohen

Yeah I know what ya'll waiting for
Your Beyoncé yeah
Your Usher that's right
This is Aviad though
And we're here to praise Yah
Let me open up my Scripture
Yo DJ turn the ba** up
Come on real loud real loud
Yeah that's right come on
"Come, bless Yahweh,
All you servants of Yahweh,
Who are standing in the House of Yahweh by night!
Lift up your hands in the set-apart place,
And bless Yahweh.
Yahweh, Maker of the heavens and earth,
Does bless you from Tziyon!"
Ladies and gentlemen
All around the world
On the dance floor
Come on praise Yah!
Welcome to the new Jew generation
People praisin' Yah up in every nation
We got cats to the left to the right
Jews n' Gentiles up in this party tonight
We're all praising Yah and we won't stop cause
God's Word is just so hot
If you don't know what I'm talking 'bout now
Maybe you will find out that Yah is for real

Praise Yah!
Everybody put your hands in the air
Praise Yah!
Wave 'em high like ya just don't care
Praise Yah!
Everybody show the love tonight
To the King of kings Lord of lords that's right
Everybody's got a different story
How they found Yah in all His glory
You might have found Him in a street somewhere
You might have found Him in a subway stair
Oh where did you find Him total recall now
Thank you Yah for savin' my life
You pulled me out you called me out
If not for Jesus what would I do
I now know how to keep it True Jew
Tell me who's your savior
There's only one
God's Son (yeah) Yah's Son
Open up that Book that Brit Chadasha
God's Word is gonna take you real far
You might have read Him in a book somewhere
You might have seen Him in a book somewhere
But where is He now is He in your heart
Thank Yah for Yeshua Jesus I love you
Can I get an Amen


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