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He Won't Leave You There - Jason Crabb

D D/F# D/H D/F# D/G
1 Verse:
I can't tell you why you're walking through this valley
I can't tell you just how long you've gotta stay
         D/H                                D
I can't tell you why your heart feels so unsettled 
             D/A        A    D/A  D/A
or when this all will change 
But I can tell you there is something you can lean on
Its a promise that wont bend and it wont break
              D/H                          D
and it will keep you when the future is uncertain
            D/A     A  D/A A
You're not out of grace 
            G                             G/A
When the darkness overwhelms you and the fear just 
wont subside When your questions outweigh answers on those 
                   D/F#                G
long and lonely nights Friend, you've gotta keep on moving 
       Hm               A          G                  D
He is with you in the valley of despair and He won't leave 
D/F# D/H D/F# D/G
you   the            re
2 Verse:
 D                                                            D/G
He is with you when you think you just wont make it and He is right 
there when it looks like hope is lost You're gonna find out Hes nothing 
           D                D/A     A        D/A    A
less than faithful so keep holding on, keep holding on
            A                                                      G
There has never been a moment there will never be a day he's not strong 
enough to rescue he's not strong enough to save


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Украинский Не залишить Він тебе!
Vitaliy Linevich Виталий Линевич

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