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There Is Something About That Name (Spoken Word) - LIFE Worship

There is something about the name of God that changes everything. We call him Father, Saviour, Lord, Friend, but here is a question for you: do you know the personal names of God?

Names that hold the weight of His character, quality, significance, names that resonate with mankind showing us what he’s like and who He is. The ancient world called him Yahweh, for how else can you describe, explain or introduce the ‘I AM’? But the world has turned and in turning now ascribes power to names with no eternal essence. Names that scream for our attention, persuasion, acceptance, even worship!

But I tell you: now is the time for us - the church - to wake up and also begin to call Him Yahweh! For He is Adonai - the Lord, Elyon - the most high God, El Olam - the God of ancient days! There is something about that name. He is Jireh - our provider, Rapha - our healer, Nissi - our banner, Tsidkenu - our righteousness, Rohi - our shepard, Shalom - our peace, Yeshua - our salvation!

Oh, there is something about that name. He is the waymaker, the morning without clouds, the rock that is higher than I, strong deliverer, kinsman redeemer, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the strength of the children of Israel, the way, the truth, the life, the same yesterday, today and always, the unchanging, who was, who is, and is to come, the One who stands uncontested forevermore!

Oh, there is something about that name! The fullness of God, indeed, the great ‘I AM’. He is all mighty, all powerful, all merciful, all gracious, all knowing, all sufficient, all loving, he is all in all, and he is all that you need!

There is something about that name - Yahweh!


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