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LIFE Worship
Yahweh - LIFE Worship

C#m  A  E

C#m                              A                        E
Behold the one that stands above creation
          C#m                      A                      E
The name that towers over all the earth 
      C#m                        A                         E
Time and space will bow before His presence   
                  C#m    A           E
The holy one, the holy one 

         E      H      C#m
Yahweh, Yahweh
      E/G#      A    C#m        H
Unfailing one, You will remain
             E         H           C#m
King of Kings, Lord of Lords
  E/G#        A    C#m     H
Praise the name of Yahweh

C#m                      A                      E
Faithful to a thousand generations
C#m                      A                         E
Famous for His kindness and His grace 
           C#m                A                             E    H
Our God of endless justice and compassion
               C#m    A          H
Forever reigns, forever reigns

E/G#        A            H                Esus4   E
Let every living soul, confess that You are Lord
C#m           A                E        H
There is no love like Yours, hallelujah
E/G#       A              H           Esus4  E
Jesus our all in all, the hope of all the world
C#m           A               E     H
You stand forevermore, hallelujah

E/G#   A  H  Esus E  C#m  A   H

C#m                      A                      E
In awe and wonder of the one to come
C#m                      A                      E
Saviour King, we wait on Your return
      C#m                A               E
From now till then we live to sing this song
   C#m      A             E
Yahweh, oh Yahweh


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