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Jesus' Blood
Travis Cottrell
Jesus' Blood - Travis Cottrell

No silver or gold could weigh 
On the scale of glory        
No treasure of mine could pay 
To the debt of mercy        
The things of earth 
Will surely fade away
One pardon will prevail

Jesus’ blood has ransomed me
Has raised me up and washed me clean
Oh the cross of Christ has the victory
For Jesus’ blood has set me free

No prison of shame can rise up 
Against His power   
When He says I’m free, I’m free 
And I’m free forever   
The things I’ve done 
Are gone with yesterday
One pardon will prevail

There is now no condemnation
No divide or separation
I’m redeemed and I’m forgiven
Oh thank You for the cross
I am now a new creation
White as snow, completely blameless
I will worship in Your presence
Oh thank You for the cross


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