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Charity Gayle
Benediction - Charity Gayle

1 Verse: 
       Dm                 Am
May the Lord grant You peace
May His love shine down, love shine down
     F              Am
And meet your every need
And keep your feet from stumbling
    Dm       Db          F
And fix your eyes on the mark, on the prize
    Bb/A#                  F      C
As you go may you rest in Christ  
2 Verse: 
F                              Am
Receive His grace to love all men
In spite of all our differences
        F                      Am
May your words be filled with life
That crumble walls of fear and pride
Dm                 Db         C                F
Take up the cross to serve the least and the lost
Bb/A#                        F Bb F
As you go be the hands of God  
 Dm                   C            Bb/A#
'Cause He is your strength and your victory, yeah
Dm          C           Bb/A#
He comes behind you and heals
F          C              G
He is the cup and the portion
Bb/A#              Eb  C
Your banner and shield  
3 Verse: 
C  Dm    Db                 C      G
So be released, be blessed, be free
 G     Bb/A#         Bbm   Em  F      Db C Fm
Live and move as the Spirit breathes
Bb/A#                         F    Bb/A#
As you go, go with God, go in peace


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