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After Your Heart
Vertical Worship
After Your Heart - Vertical Worship

F#  D#m  C#  H 

1 verse:
                    F#                                  D#m 
The sun is rising, your mercies are new 
                            C#                                  H
You're already chasing with relentless pursuit
                             F#                                      D#m 
You have my attention, You have my whole life
                            C#                                       H 
I don't want to miss you here, so open my eyes 

                          F#                            D#m 
I'm after your heart and all that you are 
                         C#                                    H 
The treasure I find, to know what you're like
I'm after your heart 

2 verse:
                         F#                                    D#m 
Do what you have to, break down my doors
                  C#                               H 
I want to know you like never before  

 C#               D#m                  H                            F# 
How deep, How wide, the love that you have for me
 C#             D#m               H                            F# 
So true, so kind, the way that you move toward me


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