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Still in Control
Mack Brock
Still in Control - Mack Brock

1 verse:
A                                                         D2
How can I say it is well when my voice can barely speak
Hm7                        F#m7                  D
How can I sing You a song In the midst of suffering
A                                                                 D2
Jesus will you meet me here let Your peace wash over me
Hm7                               F#m7                       D
I need You now more than ever teach my soul to sing

         A                                          F#m7    C#m                   D
My God is still in control and still He reigns on His throne
                F#m7                      E                C#m              D
Though mountains may tremble and sea billows roll
        D              E                F#m7
I’ll sing it is well with my soul
       D       E                A
My God is still in control

2 verse:
A                                                                  D2
You have not left me alone though the world has let me down
Hm7                          F#m7         D
All of my sorrow and pain I will trade it for a crown
     A                                                                       D2
Thank you for staying with me when the night was closing in
          Hm7             F#m7                                D
Whatever my lot, you are still God I will sing again 

F#m  D  A  E

Bridge: x3
      F#m  D               A  E
It is well with my soul
      F#m  D               A  E
It is well with my soul


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Перевод песни

Английский Still in Control
Jesus Culture
Русский Мой Бог Царь земли

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