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New Day
Danny Gokey
New Day - Danny Gokey

| Cm | Fm | Fm | Cm |

1 verse:
Wake up and breathe in deeper than yesterday
Take on the morning like your soul’s been remade
Roll down the windows let your cares fly away
Good things are yours to claim you don’t have to wait

Pre chorus:
All across the sky, new mercies rise
And the future’s bright 

This is a new day everything bursting with hope
Coming alive in this moment, moment
You’ve got a freedom no looking back anymore
Open your eyes, it’s coming, coming

This is a new day, the old has gone away, the old has gone away
This is a new day, don’t let it slip away, don’t let it slip away

2 verse:
Go on and reignite impossible dreams
Become the one you never thought you could be

Love hasn’t give up on you
Love hasn’t give up on you
Love is making the old things new
Today and every single day


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