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7eventh Time Down
Revival - 7eventh Time Down

1 verse:
The church where I grew up would seat about 45
I was just a kid but I sure felt that preacher's fire
Underneath the church pew behind my momma's feet
I had no idea her Jesus was making plans for me

               C                 D         G
Take me back to the days of old
                 C           D         G
When we lived by Faith alone
  C                   G                 D                 Em
Long live the love that conquered the grave
                C         G/H     D             G
Take me back to those days of revival

2 verse:
          C                 G                      D                         G
No dust on the hymnals and the ladies waved their fans
           C                     G                 D                            G
The prayin’ and the sweatin’ they both went hand in hand
                 C                     G                 D                  Em
We didn't have a lot of money or programs after school
         C                             G                      D                        G
But we sang loud on Sundays and didn't care if church was cool

| G  | C  G | D | C  G | D | C  G | D  Em | C  G/H | D |

3 verse:
         C                  G                D                        G
My first trip to the alter my stomach tied in knots
         C                  G                D                     G
Today I'm still believing in the Jesus that I got


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