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Commission My Soul
Citipointe Live
Commission My Soul - Citipointe Live

G#m  H  E

1 verse:
G#m                                     H
You bled with one desire In all to bring new life
To a shattered humanity
G#m                              H
Death now overcome forgiving all and one
You’ve redeemed all humanity

Pre Chorus:
C#m                                          E
With all our lives we now stand
    C#m                         H           F#                  E
Declaring loud that Jesus is God who saves

G#m                             H
Commission my soul with a fire uncontrollable
For this great cause to save the lost
G#m                    H
Open my eyes to the reason I’m alive, oh’ Lord
I’m ready now I’ll follow You

2 verse:
G#m                       H
Abandon all to be Your voice, Your hands, Your feet
My life a living sacrifice
G#m                            H
Spirit empower me to set the captives free
E                       C#m
My life is an offering

H  E  G#m - F#  E

Open the heavens wide
Open the heavens wide
Open the heavens wide
F#                  E
Pour out Your Spirit on us


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Перевод песни

Русский Зажги моё сердце
Новая жизнь

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