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Kingdom Come
Darlene Zschech
Kingdom Come - Darlene Zschech

1 verse:
A                                    E                A                                   E   A
Hope has come and Love has won, God is here in mercy
A                                  E       F#m          E        F#m       A/C#         D
Songs resound and justice flows, healing rivers from Your throne

2 verse:
           A                               E              A                                                      E   A
Your heart of love has broken through, the cross of Christ our freedom
            A                            E      F#m               E            F#m        A/C#     D
Your presence like the oceans rise, we pray and praise and lift You high
           E           F#m          A/C#     D
We pray and praise and lift You high

          E                                   F#m                      A                    D   E
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven
           E                                F#m                          A                  D  E
Your Kingdom reign from age to age, both now and forever

A  E - A

3 verse:
   A                   E          A                                 E           A
Spirit of the Living God, moving like a rushing wind
    A                              E       F#m                  E    F#m        A/C#   D
Here on earth our hearts alive, we're set apart with holy   fire
           E       F#m         A/C#   D
God, fill us now with holy   fire

D            A          D        F#m    A/C#       D          A/C#        D
You are here, You are near, You are coming, You are coming.

                D                               A                       A/C#   D
Let the heavens shout the wonder of Your coming
        Hm                          A                     E
All creation groans in longing for the King
                        D                              A                       A/C#   D
And let the thirsty come and drink from Living Water
               Hm                             A                  E
As Your Kingdom comes arrayed in majesty

 D    A     A/C#    D    Hm   A   E
Oh,         oh,          oh


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Русский Пусть Царствие Твое придет
Мария Жук Darlene Zschech

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