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Scars (Live from Denver)
Jake Hamilton
Scars (Live from Denver) - Jake Hamilton

1 Verse: 
And I'm will aware your kingdom has come
but you're still revealing 
just how much you`ve done
 in my broken experience
 is not who you are.
 It's just a reminder.
 That's why you come so far.

And Grace reminds me your love has found me 
and you won`t leave me the way I am.

Oh Jesus if you didn't hide your scars 
then shame can't convice  us to hide us.
 Oh, my life won't be dictated by doubt
 or cause I still believe my scars left the light out.

2 Verse: 
I know your blood is enough for my sin
 but I still have question about mess I'm in 
know my life did not and up the way that I had planned
 but the beauty`s in the tension of living in your hand 

And Grace remind me your love has found me 
but you won't leave me the way I am.


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Перевод песни

Украинский Шрами
Дяк Лідія (церква Явлення Христа Львів) Jake Hamilton

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