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Driven by Love
Lindy Cofer
Driven by Love - Lindy Cofer

1 verse:
To know You and to make You known
This is the anthem of our souls
Send us out, we will go
Anywhere You lead us, Lord

Driven by love till all have heard
We'll carry Your name to the ends of the earth
We’ll carry Your love and shine with Your light
Till the whole world knows You and lifts You high

2 verse:
Our eyes we set on Jesus
As we obey the great commission
As the Father sent His only Son
Jesus, You are sending us, come on
Oh-ohh Jesus, You are sending us

Oh-ohh, yeah Jesus oh but Your love
Your love is burning inside of us, Jesus

To a broken world around us let us be Your heart, oh God
To the unreached and forgotten let us be Your healing arms
There's a task You've laid before us Your voice we can't ignore
You said go into the nations as Your final words

Just lift your voice to Jesus say: I will go, I will go
Here I am, here I am send me, God

Oh yeah yeah, just lift a shout to Jesus
Lift a shout to Jesus


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