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One thing I of the Lord desire
One thing I of the Lord desire - Неизвестен

1 verse:
One thing I of the Lord desire,
For all my path hath miry been:
Be it by water or by fire,
Oh, make me clean, oh, make me clean!

So wash me, Thou, without, within,
Or purge with fire, if that must be;
No matter how, if only sin
Die out in me, die out in me!

2 verse:
I watch to shun the miry way,
And staunch the springs of guilty thought;
But, watch and struggle as I may,
Pure I am not, pure I am not.

3 verse:
If clearer vision Thou impart,
Grateful and glad my soul shall be,
But yet to have a purer heart
Is more to me, is more to me.

4 verse:
Yea, only as this heart is clean
May larger vision yet be mine,
For mirrored in the depths are seen
The things divine, the things divine.


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