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Let Love
Jesus Culture
Let Love - Jesus Culture

E  H  G#m  F#

Verse 1: 
               E              H                  G#m                F#
I have closed my eyes, I have clenched my fist
                E            H                    G#m           F#
I have shut my heart, You have opened it
               E                     H                      G#m                    F#
I have wandered far away, but You were already there
           E        H               G#m     F#
With open arms, with open arms

            E          H           G#m  F#
I will let love find me
            E                    H           G#m  F#
I will let love surprise me
            E                   H           G#m  F#
I will let love redesign me
            E      H           G#m  F#
I will let love, I will let love

2 verse: 
When the waters rise, when the levee breaks
When my world starts feeling like an earthquake
When Your love starts sinking in, I can see on the waves
Your open arms, Your open arms

Oh, You won't stop, You'll never stop chasing
My heart won't stop ever proclaiming
Your love for us, there's no containing
Your love won't stop, Your love won't stop.

        H                 C#m          E
Your love won't stop, Your love won't stop
         H                C#m          E  
Your love won't stop, Your love!


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