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Come - Неизвестен

1 verse:
Oh, word of words, the sweetest,
Oh, word, in which there lie
All promise, all fulfillment,
And end of mystery;
Lamenting, or rejoicing,
With doubt or terror nigh,
I hear the "Come" of Jesus,
And to His cross I fly.

Come, oh, come to Me,
Come, oh, come to Me,
Weary, heavy laden,
Come, oh, come to Me,
Come, oh, come to Me,
Come, oh, come to Me,
Weary, heavy laden come,
Oh come to Me!

2 verse:
O soul, why shouldst thou wander
From such a loving Friend?
Cling closer, closer to Him 
Stay with Him to the end,
Alas! I am so helpless,
So very full of sin,
For I am ever wand'ring,
And coming back again.

3 verse:
Oh, each time draw me nearer,
That soon the "Come" may be
Naught but a gentle whisper,
To one close, close to thee;
Then, over sea and mountain,
Far from  or near my home,
I'll take thy hand and follow,
At that sweet whisper "Come!"


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