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Come, for the feast is spread
Come, for the feast is spread - Неизвестен

1 verse:    
Come, for the feast is spread,
Hark to the call:
Come to the Living Bread
Offered to all.
Come to His house of wine,
Low on His breast recline,
All that He has is thine;
Come, sinner, come!

2 verse:    
Come where the fountain flows,
River of life;
Healing for all thy woes,
Doubting, and strife.
Millions have been supplied,
No one was e'er denied,
come to the crimson tide;
Come, sinner, come!

3 verse:    
Come to the throne of grace,
Boldly draw near;
He who would win the race
Must tarry here.
Whate'er thy want may be,
Here is the grace for thee,
Jesus thine only plea;
Come, Christian, come!


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