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Him that cometh unto me
Him that cometh unto me - Неизвестен

1 verse:
Listen to the blessed invitation,
Sweeter than the notes of angel-song,
Chiming softly with a heav'nly cadence,
Calling to the passing throng.

Him that cometh unto me,
Him that cometh unto me,
Him that cometh unto me,
I will in no wise cast out!

2 verse:
Weary toiler, sad and heavy-laden,
Joyfully the great salvation see,
Close beside thee stands the Burden Bearer,
Strong to bear thy load and thee.

3 verse:
Come, ye thirsty, to the living waters,
Hungry, come and on His bounty feed,
Not thy fitness is the plea to bring Him 
But thy pressing utmost need.

4 verse:
"Him that cometh", blind or maimed or sinful,
Cometh for His healing touch divine,
For the cleansing of the blood so precious,
Prove anew this gracious line.

5 verse:
Coming humbly, daily to this Saviour,
Breathing all the heart to Him in prayer;
Coming some day to the heavenly mansions,
He will give thee welcome there!


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