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Mothers and Shepherds (live)
Double Joy Music
Mothers and Shepherds (live) - Double Joy Music

1 Verse:  
Bbm                 F/A
Come now and hear the sound
Fm/Ab       Eb/G
Of mothers gathered ‘round
Gbmaj7                               Fm7
Tears are streaming down in Bethlehem
Ebm7                           F7sus4  F/A
Grieving life that didn’t have to end
Bbm                      F/A
Asking God to justify the pain
Fm/Ab                            Eb/G
Never knowing he would feel the same
Gbmaj7                           Fm7
The powerful oppress the prophecy
Ebm7                                               F7sus4 F/A
But shepherds passing through have found a king
Chorus 1:  
Bbm   Fm/Ab   Gbmaj7   Db/F
Ooh …
Ebm7   Db   Gb   Fm/Ab   Ab7
Ooh …
2 Verse:  
Bbm                      F/A
Rumor has it that a child is born
Fm/Ab                           Eb/G
And it’s said that we will call him Lord
Gbmaj7                           Fm7
Heaven’s angels came to let us know
Ebm7                          F7sus4  F/A
That our freedom rest upon his throne
Bbm                                F/A
So we’ve traveled from across this land
Fm/Ab                            Eb/G
Seeking out the new and precious lamb
Gbmaj7                                 Fm7
The one who came and made time stand still
Ebm7                                   F7sus4       F/A
When heaven opened up at God’s own will
Chorus 2:  
Bbm Fm/Ab Gbmaj7    Db/F
Hallelujah, glory in the highest
Ebm7       Db   Gb              F7sus4 F/A
King Messiah, savior of the world
3 Verse:  
Cm                           G/H
Now forever we will sing the song
Gm/Bb                          F/A
Of the one who was and is to come
Abmaj7                  Gm7
All creation joins in harmony
Fm7                    G7sus4 G/H
In declaring he is perfectly
Chorus 3:  
Cm   Gm/Bb Abmaj7   Eb/G
Holy holy, merciful and mighty
Fm7        Eb         Ab              G7sus4 G/H
God has sent the savior of the world


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Русский Матери и Пастухи
Слово Жизни Москва
Английский Mothers and Shepherds
Common Hymnal
Русский Матери и Пастухи
Татьяна Разинков

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