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What joy 'twill be!
What joy 'twill be! - Неизвестен

1 verse:
What joy 'twill be, what joy 'twill be
For souls from sin set free!
When life on Earth will all be past,
And we'll be home at last!
The tree of life will ever bear,
The Lord of life for us will care;
He's gone our mansions to prepare -
His glory we will share.

What joy there'll be up there,
Be up there, be up there!
What joy there'll be up there
For His redeemed to share!
Saints gathered in a countless throng,
With heart and voice will raise their songs;
With them we will the sound prolong
When He will call us home!

2 verse:
God's Word does say there's just one way
That leads through heaven’s date;
If you don't chose the only way,
You'll face an awful fate!
If you choose Christ, the only way,
Though tears may often mar your day,
With saints in glory you will sing
Praise to our God and King.

3 verse:
Christ conquered death and banished fear;
To heav'n He's led the way;
His reappearance can be near-
'Twill be a glorious day!
In realms of everlasting joy
There will be nothing to annoy;
Though here we still must burdens bear,
What joy we'll have up there!


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