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Kirk Franklin
Always - Kirk Franklin

1 verse:
You know, I've had some lonely days,
I've made mistakes and had to pay,
I've had some friends that walked away,
Just like mama told me.
But there's Someone, Whose love is real,
Who cares about the way I feel
Every pain, and erase every stain,
There's peace, when I call out Your name.

Chorus 1:
Jesus, You're my everything,
The cross, You did that just for me.
So whatever You take me through,
I promise You
I'll spend my always with You!

2 verse:
No one can touch my heart like You
Or make me smile the way You do.
I finally found Someone Who
Who really, truly loves me!
And when my strength has come and gone,
Your life in me it makes me strong,
Your hand is where my heart belongs,
You took all my pain and erased every stain!

Chorus 1:

Chorus 2:
Jesus, my whole life has changed,
Since that day I cried Your name,
For every time You've brought me through
I promise You
I'll spend my always with You!

Did He say He'll never leave you?
Did He promise He'll never forsake you?
How many of you believe that in here?
Let me hear You!
(Oh! Oh! Oh!)
He won't let you down, right?
(Oh! Oh!)
He'll catch every tear,
So if you know He can be your Father 
And He cares for you,
Come on and stand on your feet 
And help me praise Him in here!


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Олена Тимошенко NewLifeGospelBand

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