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Tauren Wells
Seen - Tauren Wells

How do You know me?
When sometimes I don’t know myself
And how are You hearing
The words I ain’t tell no one else

On the days when my life’s slipping right out of my hands
When I’m blinded by lies You remind me of who I am

You see the best in me
Through every broken piece
I’ve got nothing to prove
I’m already loved by You
I’ll never get over the thought
That You thinking of me
Through Your eyes and through it all
Oh, I am seen
Oh, I am seen

I think I’m hiding
When I put a smile on my face
There’s no use in trying
Cause You look right through all my fake

So I don’t have to live on the surface and pretend
To be walking on water when honestly I’m sinking

When nobody does You care
I am a treasure You keep
When I think I’m alone You’re there
You see, You see
When nobody does You care
I am a treasure You keep
No place too far too deep
You see, You see, You see


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