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Grace and Peace
Jill Phillips
Grace and Peace - Jill Phillips

Fm Ab Eb 

1 verse:
Fm      Ab       Eb 
All the weary, tired souls full of hunger
Fm          Ab                    Eb 
Needing something that fills
Fm      Ab             Eb
All the thirsty that heard about living water
Fm        Ab            Eb 
Need a way to the well
Fm     Ab        Eb 
It's a strange crowd
Fm        Ab    Eb
But still somehow
Fm                  Ab     Eb
The lost have been found
Fm7    Fm                                  Ab
By the One in whose name we come

Eb                            Bb   Cm                       Ab
Grace and peace to you through our Lord Jesus
Eb             Bb            Cm                      Ab
Times like these, we need that kind of love
     Cm            Bb      Eb                 Ab
To take these things coming in between us
       Eb           Fm                  Eb                 Ab
And wash us clean with the body and the blood

2 verse:
Early that night, just before He was taken
He broke off the bread
So we could taste that He has died, He is risen
He is coming again
And it's much more
Than we could ask for
To be made pure
By the One in whose name we come


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Grace and Peace
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