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I'm Desperate For You
Red Rocks Worship
I'm Desperate For You - Red Rocks Worship

C  G  Am  F
C  G  Am  F

1 Verse:
C                   G 
  My heart is open,   poured out and broken
C/E                F
   Boldly I lay it down
C                      G
  Here in this moment,   all my devotion
C/E                    F
   No better time than now

Pre Chorus:
Am  G           C/E            F
Oh    I give it all, I give it all

                  C                  G
I'm desperate for You, all I know to do
           Am              G       F
Is only to let go and fall at Your feet
             C                    G
So just as I am  with these empty hands
            Am                        F
I give everything, all I have, all of me

                  C     G                    Am     F
I'm desperate for You,     I’m desperate for You

2 Verse:
C                      G
  Here at this altar,    Lord, I surrender
C/E                F 
  I lay my burdens down
C                 G
  I'm undeserving   but You call me worthy
C/E                     F
  Oh, what a grace I've found

Pre Chorus:


Tag: x2
Dm  C/E                F          G
      Just a moment with You, God
                                 Dm     C/E        F     G
In the presence of the Prince of Peace,     Jesus, Jesus

Bridge: x2
    Dm              C/E
And all my worship, adoration
F               G
Here my praises rise
Dm          C/E
To the only One who's worthy
F              G     
Here be lifted high

C  G  Am  F
C  G  Am  F


2 Tag:
                  C                       G                Am   
I'm desperate for You, for only You, only You, only You, Jesus
   F                  C                     G
My Healer, my Deliverer, my Savior, my Father
           Am        F  
Protector, oh-oh-oh, oh

C  G  Am  F
C  G  Am  F


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Перевод песни

Русский Я жажду Тебя
Наталія Мясникова Bogu_Slavskie
Украинский Жадаю Тебе
Наталія Мясникова Red Rocks Worship

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