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The Power Of His Love
Josh Baldwin
The Power Of His Love - Josh Baldwin

1 Verse:
                           G               C/G      G
What kind of power gives up its crown
                C/G   Em         D             C
Takes all its glory and lays it down
                        G                C/G            G
To close the distance, to find the one
                            Em           D          C
Nothing can stop it, the Father's love

        G                                    C                           G
It runs like a river,  bringin' life to dust and drought
            Em                                  Dsus4                D
It burns like a fire till we're left with holy ground
     G/H                                              C                           G
When we think it's over,  there is so much more to come
                          D                                         Em      C                  G
'Cause we've only scratched the surface of the power of His love

2 Verse:
 C                     G                C              G
Behold the power that stills the waves
               C            Em            D            C
Walks on the water and empties graves
                           G                   C          G
The darkness trembles, it's overcome
           C              Em                D            C
Here in the presence of the Father's love

It goes on and on and on again
There's no start, there's no end
There's no greater love than this
There's no greater love


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