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Jesus, Your Blood
Rivers & Robots
Jesus, Your Blood - Rivers & Robots

Pierced for my transgressions 
Wounded for my sins 
This man of sorrows came to take my place 

King over creation 
Slain for my salvation 
Unspeakable love, abounding grace 

Now I am coming to this holy place 
I am drawing near to seek Your face 

Jesus, Your blood has made my hands clean 
So I will not hide my face from You 

You have won the victory 
You have paid the cost 
While I was still in sin You died for me 

Carrying my sorrows 
Lifting off my shame 
Bearing all my sin to set me free 

I will ascend the hill of the Lord 
‘Cause You have rescued me


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Перевод песни

Украинский Ісусе, Твоя Кров
Ксенія Бондар-Павловська Rivers & Robots

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