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Shepherd Of My Soul
Rivers & Robots
Shepherd Of My Soul - Rivers & Robots

1 Verse:
C                         G/H
Lord of the mountains and sea
        Am                      Em   D
You are treading a path set for me
C                      G/H
God of the seasons and sky
        Am                       Em   D
You have always been holding my life
G/H         D               Am  G/H
You are the shepherd of my soul
D              Am                   G/H
I lay down my plans, I give up my rights
D                  Am                        G/H  C
And let you take control of this surrendered life
2 Verse:
C                         G/H
So I put my trust in the one
   Am                      Em   D
Who created the stars and the sun
C                      G/H
You are eternally kind
       Am                      Em   D
Always faithful and endlessly wise
Bridge 1:
You comfort, You sustain
D          C
In shaking You remain
Unmoved and unafraid
D         C
Forever and always you lead me
By still waters, lead me
Through the valleys, lead me
In your wisdom
Shepherd of my soul
Bridge 2:
        Em         D/F#       G         D/H         A
Through valleys of shadow and death I am not afraid
   Em          D/F#         G         D/H         A
By my Father's breath every star in the sky was made
    Em         D/F#            G          D/H              A
And who can i fear when you're standing right here by my side
       Em         D/F#          G         D/H         A
Always leading, protecting and guarding my left and my right
Chorus 2:
Em     D/F#     G          D/H         A
Father You make all things new, great God of creation
    Em     D/F#    G      D/H     A
And father you will always be my rock and salvation


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Русский Пастырь моей души
Ксенія Бондар-Павловська Rivers & Robots

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