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Anne Wilson
Mamas - Anne Wilson

I don’t know why God made one bedroom apartments 
Out of state
I don’t know why He made hometowns 
If it’s somewhere I can’t stay
I don’t know why He made growing up
But I guess that we’re all gonna
Yeah I don’t know a lot of things
But I know why God made mamas

For the open arms to fall into
For the when you don’t know what to do
For the phone call sayin’ don’t forget 
I’m always in your corner
For the heart that makes a house a home
For the knowing that you’re not alone
For the darling don’t you dare give up
Even when you wanna
Yeah, that’s why God made mamas

For putting band aids on a scraped up knee
And wiping tears away 
For picking up the pieces 
When that dream don’t go your way
For always giving more than taking
Always knowing what ya need
And showing you that fighting’s 
Always best done on your knees

I don’t know why God made living life 
Down here so hard to do
But I know why God made mamas 
‘Cause He knew I needed you


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