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I Am Your Beloved
Jonathan David Helser
I Am Your Beloved - Jonathan David Helser

1 Verse:
I’ve heard the accusation
And I’ve heard the propaganda
     Am                                  G
I’ve heard the lies they whispered to my soul
     C                             F
That I have been forsaken and I’ll always be forgotten
   Am                            G4
No matter what I do it’s not e - nough
Pre-Chorus 1:
    F                          C
But then I heard a voice as it opened up the heavens
     Am                            G4
Re - minding me of who I’ve always been
I am Your beloved
You have bought me with Your blood
    G4                                 C
And on Your hand You’ve written out my name
C                 F
I am Your beloved one the Father loves
G4                        C
Mercy has defeated all my shame
2 Verse:
C                        F
There’s no accusation or any condemnation
Am                           G4
When I look into my Father's eyes
C                          F
They don’t see my sin they only see redemption
Am                                 G4
This is how my heart has been de - fined
Pre-Chorus 2:
F                          C
I can hear a voice that is louder than the thunder
     Am                            G4
Re - minding me of who I’ve always been
Instrumental 1:  
||: F2   | G4  | C/E   | F2  :||
    F2               G4
The One Who knows me best
       C/E              F2
Is the One Who loves me most
         F2             G4
There is nothing I have done
           C/E                 F2
That could change the Father's love
Instrumental 2:
(I can hear the feet of the Father running)
||: C | C | C | C :||


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