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all god’s children - Dante Bowe

Intro: (x3)
F C Am G

1 Verse:
          F                                          C
I’m praying that my mama don’t ever fall off the deep end
    Am                                                G
Praying that when she hears this song, she finds her healin’
         F                                                        C
For my cousin Dominique behind bars as a felon
          Am                                           G
I’m praying that she hears this too

2 Verse:
Shout out to my grandma’s Sunday school classes and her readin’ glasses
Wishing I was rich and famous and I can buy her houses
She lost my grandpapa this year and I know that it’s hard
But at least he lived a good life, oh glory to God

3 Verse:
Yahweh, sing His praise ‘til the walls fall down
And if the walls don’t fall down, sing His praise anyhow
You know my daddy was a gangster, God turned it around
Now my daddy is a gangster with a robe and a crown

      F                    C
Hey, we’re all God’s children
Am                                   G          F                      C
     We all need a resurrection, a little taste of Heaven
         Am         G
He’ll set us free
   F                              C      Am                      G
Hey, we were all created to be a little complicated
(created to be, to be a little complicated)
Am                   C
     Ain’t nobody perfect
         Am         G
He’ll set us free (He’ll set us free, yeah)

4 Verse:
Oh, my brother told me he was a believer
I can see it in the future, prophesy ’til it happens, givin’ up is not an
My uncle Jeff still drinks until he falls on his face
But God’s hand is not short and it’s not too late

5 Verse:
Pray for the pastors, pray for the sinners
Doubters and believers (pray, pray)
Everything in between
If we struggle, let’s struggle
But look out for each other (look out, look out)
We don’t know what we go through, but we know we’re the same

POST Chorus:
F C Am G
             Glory to God
    F                   C
Glory to God in the highest
Am        G
      All glory to God

Verse 6:
Pick up the phone and forgive them ‘cause it’s worth it
Tell the person that you love, that you love them
Follow the dreams that somehow you laid aside
Be yourself walkin’ all the way into the light

Verse 7:
Before they’re dead and they’re gone, give them roses
‘Cause there’s a gift in every day and every moment
The only way that I know to redeem the time
Is make the best of the present here and now
Make the best of the present here and now (All glory to God)


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