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All the Time
7eventh Time Down
All the Time - 7eventh Time Down

Verse 1:
Now more than ever
I see it so clear
There was never a moment
That you were not here
Through every valley
At the end of my rope
You never let go

Looking back I see it
It’s always been You Jesus 

All through the years
Every tear that I cried
You have been faithful 
All this time
You’ve been the one
Holding my life
God You have never left my side
Even after all this time 
After all this time 
You show me the heart of a Father
Again and again
You’ve been holding my life
All this time 
Verse 2:
And now from this mountain
I’ll hold my hands high
To the God of my victory
The hope of my life
I stand in the wonder
Of all that you’ve done
All that you’ve done
And in the moments I had nothing left
You gave me one more step 
You gave me one more breath
I can stand now with a confidence
No matter what comes next
I remember this

You been a trustworthy father
As close as a friend 
Before I even knew it
You were there
When I had nothing 
All this time


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