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Epilog - Snubnose

Being in very nature GOD
He did not grasp equality with GOD
But made himself nothing
Being made in human likeness
And being found in appearance as a man
He humbled himself and became obedient to death
Even death on a cross!
Therefore GOD exhalted him
To the highest place
And gave him the name
That is above every name
At the name of him
Every knee should bow
In heaven and on earth
And in every place
Everyone will behold JESUS CHRIST
Every tongue will confess - He is LORD!
GOD was pleased to have all his fulness
Dwell in him and through him
To reconcile to himself all things on earth
And all things in heaven
By making peace through his sacrifice
Through his blood shed on the cross
For you
He is
The image of the invisible GOD
The firstborn over all creation
All things in heaven and on earth
Invisible and visible
Whether powers or thrones
Or authorities or rulers
Were created by him
And he is before all things
In him all things hold together


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