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The Garden
Kari Jobe
The Garden - Kari Jobe

I had all but given up
Desperate for a sign from love
Something good, something kind
Bringing peace to every corner of my mind

1 Chorus:
Then I saw the garden, hope had come to me
To sweep away the ashes and wake me from my sleep

I realized you never left
And for this moment, you planned ahead
That I would see your faithfulness in all of the green

2 Chorus:
I can see the ivy growing through the wall
'Cause You will stop at nothing to heal my broken soul
I can see the ivy reaching through the wall
'Cause You will stop at nothing to heal my broken soul
Oh, You're healing broken souls
Yea, You're healing broken souls

Faith is rising up like ivy reaching for the light
Hope is stirring deep inside me, making all things right
Love is lifting me from sorrow, catching every tear
Dispelling every lie and torment, crushing all my fears
You crush all my fears, You crush all my fears
With Your perfect love, oh, with Your perfect love

3 Chorus:
Now I see redemption growing in the trees
The death and resurrection in every single seed


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Перевод песни

Русский Словно сад
Ксенія Бондар-Павловська Kari Jobe

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