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Room For More
See - Room For More

Verse 1:
See the rivers of love
See the mercy and favor
See the hope that’s above
By the grace of our Savior
Let us look unto Him
For His crown He relinquished
Took the shame of the cross,
Our salvation He finished

See upon the throne
Our God alone
He is Lord of the mighty nations,
All creation 
Lift to Him your voice
Sing praise, rejoice
For your King
Will come in power,
Come in victory

Verse 2:
See the angels bow down
See the posts of the doors shake
At the beautiful sound
Of the mention of His name
Let us join in their song
Let us worship our maker
Let us lay down our crowns
At the feet of our Savior 

As the trumpet will sound all the dead will be raised
We will see Him in glory
All the nations will bow as we sing out His praise
We will worship His holy name


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