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...is love
Julia JS
...is love - Julia JS

1 verse: 
I know that God lives.  I know it's worth living.
Not just live, but tirelessly give your love to Him. 
Remember every day and never forget that 
My way, truth and my all life are only in the Lord.

God is love. In Him is my strength.
My hope in Him. He is always with me.
God is love. In Him is my joy.
God the Holy Spirit descended on me.

2 verse: 
God taught to love,  to thank for everything. 
He healed me, He blessed me, gave me the strength to overcome. 
God took sorrow and pain away. He gave me love in return. 
He is my Father, He is the Holy Spirit. He leads me to His home.


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Русский ...есть любовь
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