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Jesus Culture
Fierce - Jesus Culture

| G2 | D | Hm | A |

 Verse: 1
               G2                               D
Before I call, before I ever cry
                       Hm                                           Asus
You answer me from where the thunder hides
                G2                                               D
I cannot run, this heart I'm tethered to
                       Hm                          Asus
With every step I collide with You

G2                        D
Like a tidal wave crashing over me
Hm7                                     Asus
Rushing in to meet me here your love is fierce!
G2                       D
Like a hurricane that I can't escape
Hm7                                       Asus
Tearing through the atmosp here your love is fierce!

 Verse: 2
                      G2                                      D
You cannot fail, the only thing I've found
                        Hm                              Asus
Is through it all You never let me down
                             G2                                    D
You don't hold back, relentless in pursuit
                     Hm                                             Asus
And every turn I come face to face with You

You chase me down, You seek me out
Hm7                    A
How could I be lost when You have called me found?


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Перевод песни

Русский Прежде чем скажу
Jesus Culture
Русский Горячая любовь
Jesus Culture

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