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Jesus' Blood
LIFE Worship
Jesus' Blood - LIFE Worship

Hm     D/F#   G   A     D/F#   G  

Hm                 D/F#  G
 You left heaven's praise  for the sake of us
A                D/F# G
 Offered up Your will   for the joy to come
Hm                D/F# G
 You embraced the cross  taking all it's pain
A                 D/F# G               
 So I could walk away    free and unashamed

          D              G  D  D
I owe my life to You my Sa - viour
          D/F# G        A 
I owe it all    to You alone
           Hm7            G  D
Your sacrifice has won my free - dom
            A     Hm7 G
I was bought by Jesus' blood

Hm              D/F# G
 Risen from the grave  seated now on high
A             D/F# G
 Over all You reign, all power in Your hand
Hm             D/F# G
 Eternity will sing   of Your holy name
A                D/F# G                
 King of all the earth, in majesty to come

Hm7   D     G   F#m   A     G   
Hm7   D     G   F#m   C#m     C#m  

 C#m                  A/C#
 When at last I stand, before the throne of grace
H C#                  A/C#
 Wonder fills my heart, Your majesty revealed
C#m                 A
 I will bow my knee, and join with angels' song
H                   A                  
 Worthy is the Lamb, all praise to You alone
A   C#m   E     A  

 H          E              A E E 
  I owe my life to You my Sa - viour
          E/G# E   A E      Hsus 
I owe it all        to You alone
           C#m7           A   E
Your sacrifice has won my freedom
            H     E        
I was bought by Jesus' blood


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