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Holy (Song Of The Ages)
The Belonging Co
Holy (Song Of The Ages) - The Belonging Co

| A/C# D | Esus 
A/C#    D            E             F#m
In Your hand is the life of every creature
    A/C#              D            Esus  E
The breath of all mankind in You began
     A/C# D         E           F#m
Your promises are written in creation
    A/C#         D               Esus  E
Oh, everywhere I look I see Your plan 
         A/C#         D           E
Even the rocks cry out, so I'll cry out
           A/C#           D          E
Heaven and earth will sing, so I'll sing 
A           D            F#m        Esus   E
Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almigh - ty
       F#m             D                      Esus   E      A    Asus
You'll find me singing worthy worthy is the Lamb 
   A/C#  D          E          F#m
So enter in to the song of the ages
    A/C#            D            Esus  E
The One who was and is and is to come
        A/C#  D          E               F#m
They'll be no end to the song without beginning
    A/C#                D                   Esus  E
The sound of saints and angels around the throne 
  A/C#                  D
I won't stop singing, I won't stop singing
      Esus               F#m
These lungs were made to sing Your praise
    A/C#                  D
The heaven's roaring, the earth resounding
   Esus         F#m
As all creation sings Your praise
    D      E      F#m
Oh, worthy is the Lamb
     D      E      A
Yes, worthy is the Lamb


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Русский Святый (Песня вековая)
Мария Жук The Belonging Co

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