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Breaking Through
Bethel Music Kids
Breaking Through - Bethel Music Kids

E A F#m C#m E A F#m A
C#m E H F#m C#m E H A 

1 Verse:
Your Love is like the sunrise
Shattering the dark of night
                   E               H
Your presence is a paradise to our hearts
You’re filling all the world with light
You’re making every wrong thing right
                     E                      H
You’re waking up the dead to life with your love

                  E                    A
God You’re always breaking through the dark
              E/G#               C#m
Breaking into lives and healing hearts
Your love has torn the veil
Your love can never fail
                    E/G#        A
Your love is making all things new

2 Verse:
Your love is an eternal fire
A jealous and a pure desire    
                        E                      H
Strong enough to be the sacrifice that sets us free
You have taken all our sins away
You have risen and You’ve won the day
                      E                      H
You have broken every bond and chain in Your love

       E                                C#m
We lift up one voice we lift up one voice
   H                     A
We sing and we shout for joy
         E                                   C#m
For now we are Yours yes our hearts are Yours
              H                                          F#m     A
You’ve ransomed us with Your blood


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Перевод песни

Английский Breaking Through
Bethel Music
Русский Прорвёшься через тьму
Новое Поколение Кенгарагс

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