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Dancing On the Grave
Here Be Lions
Dancing On the Grave - Here Be Lions

Em C G D

Em                                          C                     G
You throw a party in the presence of my enemies
          Em                                              C                                      G
You invite me to the table and You tell me just to sit and feast
Em                                        C                            G
You are not afraid when terrors screaming loud at me
           Em                                    C                              G
‘Cause You’ve overcome and You’re the God of victory

      Em                                         C                        G
I’m dancing on the grave that once held me bound
        G                                                     D
I’m dancing on the chains that are laying on the ground
      Em                                             C                          G
I’m dancing out of the dark, I’m lighting up the night
          G                                                  D
Your joy becomes a weapon and I am here to fight

When I walk through the valley of the shadow, I will not fear death
I know You’re by my side and You’ll never leave me by myself
So even when I’m weary You are calling me to come and rest
‘Cause You cannot be stopped You have already defeated hell

        D                               Em
The enemy may be all around me
But I’m running free, ‘cause You set me free


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