What I Want Them to Say


Newsboys - What I Want Them to Say

What I Want Them to Say

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1 verse:
What’s a man to do
When every dream he’s chased comes true
All the trophies on a wall
Are gonna lose their shine and fall

2 verse:
What’s a stage played on
If we don’t give You every song
All the cheers and the applause
In the arena they’ll be lost

Pre Chorus:
What will they think about the things I did
What will they say about the life I’ve lived
I want them to say…

He’s the one whose faith didn’t fade
When everything crashed, he didn’t cave
He never lost his awe and wonder
The one that kept me from going under
And he ran a good race
That’s what I want, what I want, I want them to say

3 verse:
What if they all know my name
But never see beyond my face
A pointless legacy
There so much more inside of me

He fights for the weak
Has arms that reach out for Jesus
Every word that he speaks
Helps me to believe there’s a God that loves us
Oh Lord, I want YOU to say…