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Heaven Come

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Bethel Music - Heaven Come

Heaven Come (feat. Jenn Johnson)

Обзор Презентация

E  C#m  A F#m

1 verse:
E C#m
You are calling me again I hear Your voice upon the wind
A2 E
In the quiet, in the still Heaven
E C#m
Glory written in the sky In the turning of the seas
A2 E
Echoes of Your majesty Heaven

Pre Chorus:
A2 C#m E
All that You have done the promise that there's more to come
A2 E H
All I am cries out for more of You for more of You

E A2 F#m
Your presence is heaven oh to be with You Just to be with You
E A2 F#m
Your glory all around me oh to be with You I love to be with You

2 verse:
There's a stirring in my soul and a fire here within
Deep is calling deep again Heaven

| E | H | A2 | F#m |
| E/G# | H | A2 | F#m |

E H A2 F#m
Heaven come, fill this place Glory to glory and grace to grace
E/G# H A2 F#m
Here and now, Your kingdom come Our God eternal, now and forevermore