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A Better Way (Live)

Pursue Worship

Pursue Worship - A Better Way (Live)

A Better Way (Live) (feat. Bethany Wohrle)

Обзор Презентация

We’ve traded honor for glory and fame
We’ve used your favor for our selfish gain
We repent
We repent

We’ve built an idol that looks just like us
Bowed down and worshiped beauty and lust
We repent
We repent

Jesus show us a better way
Jesus show us a better way
We are your people
Called by your name
Humble our hearts Lord
Hear as we pray
Show us a better way

We’ve carried burdens we weren’t made to bear
Like badges honor we’ve chosen to wear
We repent
We repent

We know the Gospel but keep to ourselves
We want revival but live uncompelled
We repent
We repent

Show us a better way to worship
A better way to pray
A better way to love you and to give your love away

Show us a better way to follow
a better way to lead
A better way to let go of the things we think we

Show us a better way to honor
A better way to grieve
A better way to dance upon the grave of disbelief

Show us a better way to prophecy
A better way to preach
A better way to live our lives in honor of our King