Beautiful Embrace


InSalvation - Beautiful Embrace

Beautiful Embrace (feat. Jorge Mhondera)

Обзор Презентация

1 verse:
Standing in the fire,
Carried through the flood,
With me in the valley:
Everywhere I go, You stand!

2 verse:
When I face the battle,
You're holding out Your hand,
Peace within my troubles:
Everywhere I am You stand!

Pre Chorus:
Your love is like a burning fire,
In the coldest night that warms me!
Your love is where my heart is home
For I'm not my own, You own me!

Oh, this beautiful embrace
Here in Your arms of grace,
You'll never let me go, oh!

Scatter my enemies,
Nothing can stand against me:
To You I lift my eyes!
No other name can save me,
Oh, in Your arms of grace
I found a hiding place,
In You I come alive, I am alive!